Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little Tweeter

We recieved some sad news at Primary Children's hospital last week. Our little girl has a severe cataract on her left eye and is currently totally blind in that eye. She will undergo a cataract removal, lens transplant and a retina strengthening surgery on December 12th at primary Children's in Salt Lake. Please keep her in your prayers. After the surgery, her restoration of sight will depend on her brain choosing to send impulses back to that eye. We are hopeful that she will see again! We are so grateful for the love and support of so many of you. If you see in the photo I have uploaded the left eye looks opaque and the inner eye does not reflect the light as the right eye does. That is the cataract. Please keep her in your prayers! Hugs~The Hills

Thanksgiving 2007

We had a quiet and fun Thanksgiving at home this year with a few close friends. This was the first year in many that we have not traveled somewhere so we enjoyed being at home.

Cute Kiddos!

Happy Birthday Isaac!

It seems impossible to believe that our sweet Isaac is 5! He had a great time with friends at his house having a Transformers Party. Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Autumn 2007

We've had a great time this year raking leaves and playing outside in our new yard! The boys were actually a great help in not only playing in the leaves, but raking them up as well!

SNOW in October!

That's right....we had a big snow during the first part of October. That's even early in Utah standards! Daddy and Ethan snuck out and made a cute little snowman. Too bad he melted in about 2 hours!

Baby Leia Finds THE CANDY!

Abby had a great time this year!

Halloween Pics

Ooops! Sorry that I haven't been as good in month's past at posting, things have been BUSY and our home computer has been out of commision. Here are some fun Trick or Treat 2007 photos!