Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Chocolate Apology....

I am sorry I gave chocolate to your little darling yesterday.....
You know who you are.....
I'm even more sorry I didn't ask.
I'm a mom, I should know this stuff...
It's REALLY not my fault.
Who can resist her sweet, slobbery summons (in the form of puckered lips) for a little treat?
I'll be sure to ask next time.
P.S. Can she drink Pepsi? Is that off limits too?

Funny Boy Issac

It is my philosophy that every family should have a little Isaac in it.
He is such a cracker!

I say: "Isaac, if you roll your eyes at me one more time you're going to find yourself grounded."
He replies: "MOM, I am NOT rolling my eyes. I am just looking up at my brain."

Yeah Right!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Something I Love...

It makes me really happy to have the opportunity to scan old photos of family members.
It's part of my story, where I came from.
I get a special feeling looking into my parents eyes when they were children. It makes me feel full of love.
Someday I hope to have the opportunity to do genealogy and temple work for all the fine people in my life that are gone.

My mom's mother when she was about 25.

My momma and her sisters as little girls, my mom is the tall skinny one :)

Denny and Wilma Danner, my mother's parents with one of their children

Mom and siblings acting funny.

My sweet 16 year old mom.
How I love her.....

My dad (left) with his be-be gun and little brother Larry.

My dad's parents...Aren't the gorgeous together?

Grandpa Tom Wyatt

Mom as a Little Girl.
I still have those "pop beads" that are around her neck in this photo.

My dad the stud!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Remembering Brittan

Someone in our house quietly misses her most of all....

I mowed the lawn yesterday for the first time since she made her heavenly departure from us.
It use to annoy me so much that she would constantly bring her ball to me and drop it at my side and beg for me to play with her the entire time I was trying to get my work done.
Who would ever think that something that could annoy me so much would be something I would long for so much......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Simple Salmon with Garden Fresh Salsa

Fillet Salmon ( I like the Fresh Salmon from Costco best of all)
Coat with a little virgin olive oil (I use the spray kind)
Dash of fresh sea salt
Broil in oven for approximately 8-12 minutes

Salsa: I seriously don't measure anything, I just put it all in!
Lots of Tomatoes, Diced (extra red ones from the garden work best)
Fresh Squeezed Juice from 3 Limes
1 Bunch Chopped Cilantro
1 Minced Red onion
2 Minced Jalapeno Peppers
Dash of Salt & Pepper
3 T Sugar

Oven Roasted Red Potatoes tossed with Rosemary
Fresh Green Beans with Bacon, Vinegar and Minced Onions

Best part about this meal is you can make fish tacos on day 2 YUM!

He Likes it, he likes it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Abby Says.....

Have a great weekend!
(bogies and all)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's Thought

My Hereos

So glad they are on MY SIDE!

Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.
~Carol Lynn Pearson

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

This is the nasty reason I can't stop coughing.
I was teaching a class to 45 BYU Students this morning and had the fit of all fits.....
I ended up at the medicine man's office.
He prescribed a big Z-Pack of antibiotics, Inhaler and some loopy cough medicine.
Party at my house!
Here's to hoping I am better soon.
Sorry for coughing on you!

One of the Many Reasons Why I Love Fall....

Slowly, but surely, I am turning into a little farmer :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Resorting To This.....

I often tease hubby for his frequent usage of this powerful knockout drug. Not to make him sound like an "alchy", it's just what makes him feel better when he is sicko.

I hate this stuff...

But I also hate coughing my brains out all day and night.
Here's to hoping this is a legal LDS substance and that I will awaken tomorrow morning from my NyQuil induced slumber with a smile on my face!

I am such a lucky girl!
It was a crazy morning (as all are) in our house.
I have been sick and haven't been sleeping well.
Abby and I seemed to take turns from room to room exchanging coughing fits.
(she was in my bed and I was on the couch)
By some stroke of miracle, I made it to the office still in one piece today to find this in my inbox:

Not trying to bring up the hurt of Brittan dying again, but I had told you back in the spring about reading that story by that sport’s guy I read who had lost his lab and I think it’s more fitting now than ever.

I thought you might like to read it too, and it pretty much sums up how I think we both feel about our time with Brittan too. Love You! Me

Go HERE to read the article for yourself.

It touched me.

I am thankful to be married to someone so sensitive to my thoughts and feelings.

Abby said her prayers last night and it went something like this:
"Dear Heavenly Father, we thank thee for this day. We hope that we will get Brittan again. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen."

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Forecast For Today......

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.....
I put my request in for crepes with fresh strawbwerries & cream....STILL WAITING....
Derrin, (Justin's older bro) & I were both without spouse this weekend, so we got the cousins together and went to see this. We love reading this book to our kids. It's one of sweetie's childhood favorites. May I suggest you catch this flick in 3-D no matter if your a child of young or old!
Thanks Uncle D!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saying Our Goodbyes to Our Sweet Brittan Girl

These are the last photos of our sweet doggie. Her face turned white and she seemed to age a lifetime literally overnight.

So sad to see her go...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is What Happens....

When one little girl decides that while her mommy is getting her a snack, she'll turn herself into a human zebra via black crayola washable marker.
Moral of the story:
Tears and Washable Marker should not be mixed :(

Hee hee hee, ho ho ho, ha ha ha
I'm such a mean mom!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Family Update....

I didn't even cry yesterday. We even talked with the kids about if and when we would get another dog. Family consensus is Christmas. We're hoping Santa will come through for us. I have a good feeling that he will. We all agree that a little mini Dachshund would suit us best.
It's been a very busy week at our home. I am still adjusting from the "mom shock" of preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade. Add class projects, soccer, dance, National Assisted Living Week and Senior Games and I'm pretty much a raging crazy person!
Isaac~has now decided that First grade isn't so bad and that school lunch pretty much rocks! His teacher sent home a note this week that said during the summer and his first part of 1st grade, his reading skills have jumped to a 2nd grade level. He has gotten a perfect score on all three spelling tests thus far. It helps that we pay $1 for a perfect test and $.50 for each bonus word he gets correct. Same for soccer, $1 for goals $.50 for assists. Before you judge us, remember that his main source of income (scooping poop) has went away. His book order came yesterday. He was excited and read independently 10 pages in his "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". He then asked if he could take it to school and read it on the bus and at recess. There's ALOT of brains in this kid and he is so much like his dad, constantly filling our home with joy.
Ethan~ the gentle, quite giant of the family has really come out of that little turtle shell since starting Kindergarten. It helps that he and best friend Christian are in the same class. He excitedly greets each new school day (up at 6:30 am) with a smile. Many mornings, I open my eyes to his bright toothless grin staring back at me. He hates wearing jeans or slacks to school. I am addressed every day with the, "Mom, WHY do you have to make me wear NICE clothes everyday?" That kid could live in pajama pants his whole life and be perfectly happy. He spends his days after school picking veggies from our garden, hopping the fence to see the baby kittens on Brother Heaps' "farm"and feeding crickets to his pet frog Dip. He's taken to telling me every day, all day how much he loves me (I don't mind at all:) He recently gave his first prayer at Church (big deal for him) and is giving a talk this week, we'll see how that goes. Ethan continues to add a quiet sweetness to our family
Our little Abby~isn't so little anymore. She spends most of her days dressed as a princess and has very much taken to being treated like a princess (ALL THE TIME). When not dressed as a princess, she obsesses over the whereabouts of her backpack and is prideful of her status as a "school girl". Abby is enjoying her preschool experience discovering her new friends at Mrs. Kelly's. She loves her dance class. However, she is kind of a menace to the entire class. I called today to switch her to the "mom & me" class so we can re-direct a little easier. Our little Tweeter is enjoying the fact that her brothers leave for school each day and she has Miss Aubrey all to herself! Abby will be seen at Primary Children's again this next week to prepare for a surgical procedure she will soon undergo to test for possible Glaucoma. This little girl is proving to be quite resilient. We try to remain positive that her sight in her left eye can be restored, but it's an uphill battle. We're so grateful for this free spirit in our lives!
Jus and I plug onward....
We are happily awaiting our upcoming "baby free" journey to New York City to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Our careers keep us hopping and we continue to be grateful for the opportunities we are given to provide for our family during this economic downturn. Mr. Hill is in Football Heaven and has high hopes for his Chiefs this season. I am enjoying being room mom for Ethan's Kindergarten class, PTA and volunteering at the school. I am almost finished with the two Pirate Quilts I am making for the boys rooms and am quickly turning my attention to Christmas projects. My goal is to make homemade gifts for all those on my list. Don't worry....it's good stuff. Oh, and I'm going to start soon on re staining my formal dining room set (in all my spare time). It's obvious how much I love blogging. I am most frequently asked how I have time for it. I will let you in on a little secret, most weeks I blog on Sundays for the entire week. I just save my posts as drafts and then publish them each day. Seriously takes 10 seconds.
Well, that's it in a not-so-nutshell!
Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good News!

There are some exciting things happening at Justin's company. I just read an article in The Daily Herald that made me leap for joy! I'm kind of proud of him and all that he has accomplished at his time with VBC/Cartmanager. I'm not exactly sure what all of this means but I know it's something he has been talking about and hoping would happen for a very long time. I'm sure that VBC owning a bank won't hurt our stock options either he he.
Read all about it

Thursday's Thought

There never was a child so lovely, but his mother was glad to get him asleep.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love observing her in peaceful slumber, even if it is in my bed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Lonely Ball

Things just aren't the same since My Master has gone.
I am beginning to think that I was the Master all of those loyal years we spent together.
Her people, they cry, they mourn.
They don't even want to frolic in the yard anymore.
They don't want to play with me like SHE did.
Oh how I wish the heavens would open up and take me with HER.

~Written by me...the sad, brokenhearted mother of the best dog in the world
Did I tell you how sad I am, did I tell you how much I cry? Did I tell you I don't feel like eating?
It's just not the same.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Brag.....

After all that's what blogs are for, right?

I painted my first mini mural, for my best friend's Nursery!
Of course, with the help of one talented Rebecca Walters.
I think I still need to add some bumble bees.
What do you think?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Night Enemies




I think I am on to something here, Ladies.....
Handsome Husband+ Laundry+Monday Night Football=Everyone's Happy!

Oh, and GO CHIEFS!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brittan Caldwell Hill 1998~2009

Have you ever seen a dog smile? This is for real, can't you just see the SMILE on her face?

Our beloved canine companion died this morning with the five people who love her the most in this world at her side.
I could have never imagined the joy one animal would bring into the life of our little family. Nor could I ever begin to realize the pain her loss would bring. We would have never been fully prepared for this unexpected farewell.
For anyone who has stepped foot into our home, you know that this dog is a major part of our lives. She's greeted many of you countless times with her slobbery plea to play a little ball. She's been our constant companion on hiking trips, mountain biking to Moab and playing in the river. Too many times to count, she has greeted night time story hour with her "gas" that leaves us all in speechless laughter & covering our faces. Recently, she has taken to climbing onto the counter and tables to get herself a tasty treat. Mostly because we stopped giving her people food, and she decided to take manners into her own paws :) I will miss the constant tripping over her as she would follow one of us aroung constantly. She's taken her role as nurse maid to our children without complaint, even though she might have been a little sad to lose the title as "first child" in our home.
She was the first living thing that Justin and I shared a deep love and companionship of during those first few years of our marriage.
We left our house yesterday morning prepared for a great day of fun. She was fine....I mean, she has slowed down a lot lately and had a few tummy troubles but otherwise pretty okay. Our day was filled with sunshine, soccer, and the much anticipated fair. It was a beautiful day! After the fair, we picked up a sitter and went out to dinner with our brother and sister in law. We returned home late yesterday evening to find her hunched under the kids swing set. Justin and I struggled to get her inside and make her comfortable.
It was clear to us both that she was dying.
I can't explain it in total, but I can tell you that neither of us felt as though we needed to get her to the vet. It wasn't something we even discussed. We just knew that the Winter of her life had arrived and we needed to embrace it. Deep inside, I think we both knew it was coming. Two months ago, we watched "Marley & Me" but refused to watch the ending.
We told the kids and stayed up nearly all night expressing our love for her, reminiscing about happier days with her and said our goodbyes. She and I spent one last restless night together. This morning we woke up and made her comfortable. She was not in pain. She seemed peaceful. Mid-morning, it was clear that she really wanted to be outside on the back porch. This was the spot she would always wait for us to come home so she could join us inside. She passed away around noon with all five of us at her side, while serene music played in the background. We watched her take her last breath. I am so grateful we were able to experience that with her. I am so grateful our children have learned at such a young age to love this deeply.
Isaac said to me after it was over, "Mom, I feel better."
I feel better too. Just knowing she was young until the day she died. She had played ball until she nearly collapsed in utter happiness last Sunday night and again on Thursday. Maybe we weren't ready to say goodbye. I don't think we would have ever been ready. But I know it was her time to be free.
It's an incredible thought that one little dog could give so much of herself, all of herself to the five of us. We still feel her love all around us.
I carefully selected which photographs I wanted to include in this post. There are so many more I want to share. I hope you don't mind......my posts the next several Sundays will be for me to share & remember this best friend of mine.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just Another Saturday Morning in the Hill House....

This should be a picture of our kids doing their chores, but they have more important things to do.....
Who Needs Snow or Sleds?
When you've got stairs and sleeping bags?

This is what mom and dad get for trying to pretend they're sleeping in......
I just realized I forgot to fix the red eye.
Oh well, they are little devils so I think it's fitting that I just leave this photo alone.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I could watch this movie over, and over, and over......

If you're looking for something FANTASTIC to do this weekend, I suggest you snuggle up to someone you love and take a look!
It is possibly the most romantic film I think I have ever seen!
Mr. Hill would agree.
He likes "gushy" as much as me.
Maybe even more :)
Note to female readers: You may find Eric Bana VERY EASY on the eyes :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday's Thought

I had a old friend that reminded me of this welcomed thought this week.

"Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." ~Albert Caumus

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer

We bid farewell to our favorite watering hole this past weekend.
It's been a great summer, one that we have accomplished many things on our bucket list as a family, such as.....
Going to the Valley of the Goblins
Camping in Moab and Hobble Creek Canyon
Hiking Arches as a Family
Floating the Provo River
Weekend in Park City
and most recently our great accomplishment of Stewart Falls

Next Up.....NEW YORK CITY....1 month!

No, You go first....

Mischievous Little Dude, Isn't He?

Capturing Pure Fun!

Making Sand Angels One Last Time

Beach "Nuggling" With My Little Gal

All You Need Is A Couple Of Sticks, And, You're Set For A Day Of Fun!


Do We REALLY Have To Go Mom?