Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Isaac!

Isaac's Birthday Morning

I like to decorate the kid's rooms on their birthday, go get doughnuts and then wake them up. I love that little twinkle in their eyes when they wake up and realize it is their very own special day!

Grandma's Funeral

Maybe some will find it odd that I am posting these. The truth is, Grandma's funeral, I really feel was a joyous occasion. It was a time of rejoicing and celebrating the eternal family that she has created. Justin was a pallbearer. During a special moment of the service, Issac turned to Justin and said, "dad, that is a very special body in there." At 6 years old, who would think that thought would cross his mind. I was a little nervous about including the children in this experience because it was the first funeral they had ever attended. Ethan dealt with it in his own way saying mostly that everything was "stupid" which appalled Isaac who was very emotional and thoughtful during the entire process. It was great to see most of my sister in laws and spend time with them after.

Grandma Beecher

We recently recieved the sad news that Justin's sweet grandmother was hit last Friday morning by another driver running a red light and killed. I have to say how incredibly grateful I am that Heavenly Father chose to "transplant" me into such a wonderful family by marrying my sweetheart. One of the largest blessings I have recieved is through knowing Grandma and seeing her graceful example. I would have much difficulty thinking of a more Christ-Like example in my life. Justin and I have had the opportunity over the last year to have her in our home for many holidays and most recently sharing my baptism day with her. What a wonderful way to end! Then I remembered that just a few short weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with Grandma and my in-laws at the last session of General Confrence. It was such a great session, and as a grandaughter in law, I will be eternally grateful for sharing this special time with her. I know that Justin, the kids and I will miss her famous chip mix (with peanut m & m's) that she would bring for the grandchildren at every family function. Most of all, we will miss her sweet smile and amazing spirit!

I'm In Love....

......with these two handsome & amazing young men in my life. I love that they check with one another each day to make sure they are still "best friends". When I discoved I was pregnant with Ethan only a few short months after Isaac's birth, I was sure it would be a death sentence to have two boys so close together. The truth be know, it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. These two are complete opposites and together are whole.


Nuts About Carrots

Isaac's best buddy Isaac

The two funny Isaacs

What's Up Doc

After a lot of digging, this is what we got!

Crazy Little Carrot

Having to Put some muscle into it

You better wash that first
Another one of the many tasks we completed while my parents were here was to clean out our garden and to harvest all the carrots we have been growing all summer. Who knew the kids would have so much fun with this? My favorite part was when our dog started using the green tomatoes as balls. We're sad the growing season is over. We had so much fun with our first garden and look forward to next Spring so we can do it all over again!

Happy 30th Birthday Shannon!

I got to be sneaky and throw my good friend Shannon a Surprise 30th Birthday Party! It was fun to see the look on her face when she realized what was going on. Thanks to everyone who made this such a wonderful birthday for her!