Sunday, February 26, 2012


Apparently the love that Justin and I feel towards one another is evident to our children. It was the topic of dinner discussion last Friday night, where the boys had a few choice words for us about the constant PDA in our house LOL! Then Abby drew this in church today and told me that it's Justin and I. Looks like a lot of LOVE to me! Words could never adequately communicate how thankful I am to be in a loving marriage to a man that is beyond wonderful. Isaac is that age I was when my parents were divorced. I think about that all the time and give thanks that he or Ethan and Abby won't have to go through that ever. While kids act like it's gross to them for their parents to be in love, it certainly gives them the most amazing sense of safety and security. If our boys will keep looking to their father for the example of how women should be loved, they will have happy lives in store.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Life is good, except for the fact that I need to be sent to rehab for my Pepsi and Chocolate addiction (which I'm working on). Every day I'm reminded of how much goodness is all around. Here are some of the favorites I've been enjoying lately.....

These are two of my new favorite tv shows. You should check them out!

Thanks to a stellar husband who always has the best taste in music, we've been enjoying some sweet tunes from these two bands.

This is my new favorite scent from Victoria's Secret. It's yummy!

Something else that's really yummy. If you haven't tried Greek Yogurt
yet you really should!

My new TOMS ballet flats, courtesy of my Valentine. I got stopped last week in the Denver Airport several times, so many people wanted to know where they came from. They are new just this month and oh so comfy!

I love anything with these 2 colors together! I'm still trying to figure out how to fit this into my house somewhere..

Pinterest...the most awesome time waster ever, because I always have so much time to waste...NOT! I really, really, love this darn site.

Oh and last but certainly not least...I super love Zoey Deschanel. Her sense of humor, show, hair, clothes, voice are just the best! Justin asked me just last night why she always dresses like an old lady ha ha. I think she's super cute and I love her style. But then again I also love old ladies!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meet Me In St. Louie

Okay, Okay...I know it's been awhile and I've been busy. I spent last week traveling for work which brought lucky me to St. Louis. I just love this city! I had a great week at work and then finished the week off by staying with my brother and his family in the country. I spent most of my time on the couch rubbing "Chigger" the dog's belly. When I went to pack up and catch my plane, I could swear he climbed in my suitcase and asked me to take him home. It was nice to get away and see everyone but there's nothing like being home. I'm happy to get back to being a mom and wife.