Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast

The topic of discussion at the breakfast table this morning was our bunny. I was explaining to the children that we don't want to tease or chase the bunny, that will just make her crazy and not calm. Isaac replies with a comment that, "Yeah, we don't want it to be crazy like that one dude Fandango (Van Gough) and cut off it's nose." You can imagine, Justin and I were laughing so hard! He went to the movies with friends yesterday and must have seen one of those funny Fandango commercials and got a little mixed up. I love the painter Van Gough and against my better judgement shared his story with Isaac once. Well, at least he'll be well prepared for Art History someday ten years from now!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cousins are the BEST!

Woops...I forgot to post this one but aren't cousins the best? These kids love one another so much!

Happy Birthday Aunt Nicki!

We had such a great time celebrating my sis in laws 21st Birthday (AHEM!) in Provo Canyon last weekend. She is such a talented person, I love just being around her. Nicole is always so giving toward others and shares her gifts so freely. She is a great mom. Nicole was a costume design major at BYU. She is always making these great things for her kids. Their costumes are ALWAYS the BEST! She has taught me to do some wonderful stuff and I hope to learn more from her! She is the only woman I know that could put up with Derrin (come on, you know you're a tough case) especially because these Hill boys are so stubborn. Nicole is a great spiritual example to those around her. I am so glad to call her my sister!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rock & Mineral Show

As a mom of two stinky boys, I sometimes find myself doing things that are totally out of my range of interests. I took them to the "Rock Show" this past weekend in Spanish Fork. We all had so much fun! Each of them were able to get a Geode to take home and break open with their dad. We saw lots of beautiful rocks and even rocks that really glow in the dark. Who knew rocks could be so cool. The each left with their own bag of rocks to look at and trade with one another. I am grateful for my boys and all the wonderful things they teach me every day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Tale of Two Girls and Their Bunnies....

Once there were two girls that were best friends. One little girl (Becky) decided she needed a bunny of her own and then she thought it would be fun if her friend (Mindy) got a bunny as well. The girls begged and begged their husbands and finally they agreed. On the day the bunnies arrived, they were a little bit bigger than what the girls had thought. But is all worked out well and even the girls kiddies were delighted. Now Flopsy and Mopsy just need names...any suggestions? And they all lived HOPPILY EVER AFTER....Tee Hee!

Happy Birthday Jace!

We had such a fun time at All American Gymnastics celebrating Abby's best friend Jace's birthday. Look at that awesome "Rocket" cake his mom made for him. She is so thoughtful and creative!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Right NOW, I DON'T Miss....

Okay, I would miss them.....

because they are pretty


But, this beautiful Spring weather REALLY

makes me hope that we are a Long Way,

From having any of this for a Long time!!!!!

Final Isaac Sickness Update (We HOPE)

Isaac had his last surgery this week. He's feeling a little funny here but I assure you he is back to his old self and feeling healthy again. We saw Dr. Osguthorpe (the infection physician) yesterday and got a surprise. He pulled the pic line and put Isaac just on oral antibiotics because he thought he was doing so well. Isaac got to take his first real bath in 3 weeks tonight and was able to remove all the bandages and tape and be a free boy. He is so happy tonight. I am glad the stress of the IV and all the medications is gone. He will return to Dr. Riddle (ENT) Monday to have a final CT Scan and to check his hearing. We are expecting for those results to be normal.

OH the Places You'll "GO"

This is Stewart....or "Stew" as Isaac called him. He took Isaac to in to surgery. This is what you can do with your dad's phone while waiting. I am sure "Stew" did eventually take on this form for Isaac as the meds continued to do their job for him....

Fly Girl

Got Toliet Paper?

I just checked my inbox at work and got this email from my bestie who had the boys over to play today. This is how I UNDENIABLY know she's my bestie (among so many other things). It seems that every time Abby goes to play, she is sure to save a dirty diaper for Becky....Anyone that can wipe your kid's bum and still have the humor to laugh about it desreves a gold star in my book!

Mindy- I just wanted to write this down becaues it was too funny. Ethan disapeared for a little while and then we hear him say.

Ethan "Becky, I need you to wipe my bum"
Isaac "don't worry, I'll do it. . . but i've never done it before"
Becky "It's ok, I can do it, I have boys"
Isaac "thanks Becky, I really don't want to."

A little while passes and here comes Isaac

Isaac "don't worry Becky, you don't have to do for me what you did for Ethan, I can do it myself"
Becky "Do what?"
Isaac "You know, wipe and stuff"

Friday, March 13, 2009

How do you glue a box to the wall?

Just ask Ethan, he knows....I went home for lunch today and there he was, trying to use a glue stick to glue a box as big as he is to the wall. If only it were that simple....I wished I had my camera it was quite a sight!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hairy & the Hills

This is the first time in the 15+ years that I have known Jusitn, that he has ever had facial hair...this pic was taken a week ago, so there's even more now. He keeps wanting to shave it but I say's way too sexy! I love my mountain man!

Isaac Update

Isaac has been home for nearly a week now. He has been getting regular nursing visits from his home health nurse. Justin and I have been giving the injections regularly and that is going well. Isaac refused his dressing change yesterday and insisted that I do it. Well, it is a sterile procedure so I did the best I could but it made me very nervous. I feel kind of like a nurse myself. It makes us happy to be able to take care of him. He hasn't had a temperature in several days, his energy and spirits are increasing and he's just overall doing better. His labs are still a little wacky (mainly is high platelet count) so we are still having routine blood draws done to monitor what's going on. He has just a few more weeks (hopefully) of injections through the pic. Things are starting to settle down at our house. We can't say enough thanks to all of you who have prepared meals, watched our other children, sent treats & lots of prayers our way. We love all of you!
Sam, Isaac's home health nurse changes his dressing

For those of you who are wondering, this is what the pic line looks like under all the bandages. It is held in by a stitch on each side. It enters at his forearm, is threaded through a major vein and goes all the way to his chest just by his heart.

The antiseptic stings a little bit....but still, what a trooper!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Magic Show

After all the hospital posts lately, I thought we would post something more fun. We had a magic show at our house just for fun a couple of weeks ago. The magician was one of my friends from Courtyard. The kids really loved it, and I apologize for any parents that had children that were cut in two sent home in pieces LOL!