Friday, June 26, 2009

Love In A Photo Booth, Part 2

He's the silliest boy I know!


Cool Dudes

Would you look at these two CRAZY people, Circa 2000....

Only 100 days until we celebrate 10 Years of Marital Blessedness, NEW YORK CITY STYLE.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abbycakes And The Sweet Tooth Fairy


Thursday Thought...

I am genuinely grateful to those in my life that are very aware of my shortcomings, but choose to love me and make me feel special anyway. Adopting this thought process has helped me in ways immeasurable to love others.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Jill Springer,

Thanks for sharing this LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN with me. I loved kissing the chub wub on her arms!

She is so very beautiful. Just like her bright, spirited, creative mother!

And for writing stuff like this about me, too:

"I remember when I first started work and you brought in some lists and schedules for us to laminate for your babysitter...I just remember thinking "Wow, this lady really has it together!!" As I got to know you better and better through Courtyard I have come to realize just how amazing, compassionate, giving, and fun you are. And now I see your blog it looks like I can add wonderful mommy, great cook, and creative to the list of things about you!"

Really? It's ALL just music to my ears!

And by the way, I LOVE and ADORE YOU too!

We have a "blogger" everyone,

"Mom that is a blogger,"
were the words that came from my sweet and funny boy Isaac the other night.....
You see, I was in a bit of a frenzy. My awesome friend Rebecca was coming in the next day from Dallas to spend the weekend with us.
I wanted everything to be purrr-fect.
Most of all though, I wanted all my "chores" to be done so we could carelessly laugh and talk and play.
I was vacuuming the boys room when IT happened. I got a little too close to the linen in their bedside table and SUCKED it right up the vacuum. Hubby was yelling for me to "SHUT IT OFF" but my brain or my fingers wouldn't work. I couldn't move for a second.
Thank goodness for a hubby who can think under the pressure of his wife's stupidity....
and thank goodness for a bright 6 year old that is aware of the blogworthiness of telling our stories!
Then we laughed, and laughed, and laughed at my silliness!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gorgeous, aren't they?
I spent my weekend with one of the most stunning women I know...
She does this and this.....and SO VERY much more!
Check out her Marvelous Life and Blog here.
She is always so willing to share her many gifts with all those around her,
I just wish Dallas was a little closer.
We ate cupcakes from our favorite place here, if you haven't been,
We partied all night long (preschool style), played night games with the kids, ate ourselves silly,
had a photo shoot with the Hill kiddos (photos to come) and even painted a mini mural for baby Anabelle.
She even inspired me to teach myself a new little blogging trick.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is a Father?

In our house a father is someone who:

buys his daughter lip gloss and barbie dolls while her mom is away on business trips.....
teaches our children to always do the right thing and respect others....
does the dishes every night after dinner because his wife is tired....
spends his evenings lifting up rocks and finding bugs for our boys....
tells all his children every day how much he loves them...
scoops the dog's poop daily, not to mention never hesitates to change a diaper.....
keeps our yard looking impeccable and his side of the closet immaculate (can't say the same for mine).....
stays up until 1 a.m. watching "Ghostbusters" with our 6 year old (just last night)...
plays barbies with his little darling...
someone who is NOT opposed to going on a late night chocolate or donut run for his wife (preggers or not)....
Leaves sticky notes on his keys and wallet for things he wants to remember (mostly movie titles :)...
AND makes me feel like the most beautiful woman and mother in the world!
For these reasons, and SO MANY MORE...
This is why we love you SO!
Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Courtyard Classic

One of the best parts of my job are all the fun events I get to plan. My friend Cory and I started this car show about 5 years ago and it has grown into something really great. We had about 25 cars this year, despite the rainy weather. We were also able to raise about $500 for the Provo Senior Games later this summer. It's fun to see the residents get excited about some of the old cars they remember on the road!

One of our residents with his car, he paid $35.00 for

2009 Best of Show Car
What's a car show, without a good dog?

Friday, June 19, 2009

20 Energetic kiddos, Spongebob...and LOTS of FUN!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear Doggie,

You know , you've been a bad girl lately....

Not saying we don't love you. After the 9 or so years we've been together, we pretty much adore you.

Your Master, however is quite fed up with you.

I know you can't help yourself when there is food in the trash can and the kids always walk away with an entire plate of food just sitting there going to waste.

I know you can't help that your tummy hurts because you are old and you throw up everywhere in the house
(usually at the back door).

I know you can't help it that last week you wanted to go exploring and the police and a complete stranger had to bring you back...TWICE

Just try to be a good girl!

The sun is setting on your doggie years here. It broke my heart when you couldn't get up into bed with me last week. You bones ache. You still want to play ball all the time like before, but it's too hard for you.....

We will love you always, just get it together little missy!

Your Family

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rain, Rain,

Go Away,
Come again when it's Fall,
so we can run and jump and play and all....
I know I should be grateful for the moisture, but it is JUNE and it's been raining for weeks...and

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My best friend is in the hospital having her baby right now (her first girl I might proudly add)....
Her other children are here playing and I am pacing back and forth waiting for the BIG news.....Oh what JOY!

A new baby girl....I am a so happy and a little jealous. Brings back beautiful memories of Abby's arrival.
This photo is of a very LARGE Mindy, just two days before Abby surprised us!
Jus and I created this nursery together. It was to be a heaven in our home for the family we were making. We laid the wainscoting when I was 8 months pregnant with Isaac. In fact, we laid the wainscoting twice. First the wrong way, then we got it right. My sweetie surprised me and painted the walls one Saturday while I was at work, and then happily re-painted it again to the perfect Martha Stewart Buttercream Yellow (the first color was bumble bee yellow and far too bright for such a sunny room). What a happy color...I painted the bumble bees and then added the flowers when our little PINK arrived. I will miss this room and the BLISS that filled it forever. When we sold the house, I told the buyers I would be happy to paint over my own artwork. The lady begged me to keep it just as it was. And that is how it will forever stay in my heart and mind.

Away We Go....

I just can't wait to see this......
It's sure to be one of those movies that defines
this moment in my time!
I hope my honey will pop the popcorn and call the babysitter,
so we can...
at this one!

And YES, I married that kind of guy...
My very own


Monday, June 15, 2009

Frog Drama.....

Yes, as if a cat, dog, bunny and fish were not enough for the Hill household...
we now have added FROGS to our checklist.
Let's re-account the events that led up to the drama:
Thursday at 1347, Mrs. Hill calls Mr. Hill from Target to discuss birthday gifts for their middle child.
1400 Hours both agree on Lego set, Sponge Bob Connect Four and a Frog Habitat.
Saturday, 1330 Hill family goes to pet store to buy frogs for the birthday boy and his brother.
1406 Two fire belly tree frogs are decided upon and supplies picked out
1422 Mrs. Hill pays $11.00 for the two frogs while Mr. Hill takes children to car
1500 Habitat is prepared, frogs released and crickets fed to frogs
Sunday, 0900 hour...Isaac and Ethan Hill beg parents to hold frogs. Mr. & Mrs. Hill say yes, but
0917 Mrs. Hill Advises children to put frogs away and proceeds to check email...
0923 Blood curdling scream is heard from upstairs and Mrs. Hill runs up to check on situation
Apparently at
0920 The Birthday boy had decided to stick his froggy in the GOO he had gotten at his birthday party
0925 Froggy pronounced DOA
0930-1100 hours Birthday boy cried his eyes out despite mother trying to make it better
1231 Mrs. Hill calls pet store and discovers they have a 14 day exchange policy on dead animals
1311 Mom of the Year returns with new froggy and everyone is happy,
including our two new pets:
Dip & Dot
The boys named them by themselves....they said the frogs remind them of Mint Chip
Dippin' Dots!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How Do I Love Thee?

Let Me Count The Ways......

I love that you teach me every day who I need to become....more patient, kind and gentle....
I love that sweet shyness you have about you, and that I am the one who can make that shyness go away in an instant with my tickles and kisses!

I love that goofy toothless smile, brightens my day always .

I love that your "birth" story was one that daddy and I will NEVER forget, just as you do did things YOUR WAY!

I love that you PLAY with your food!

I love how strong you are...your name means "Great Warrior", and you live up to that meaning. I'm glad to have you on my side.

I love that I can always depend on you to make me laugh after a hard day!

Happy 5th Birthday YOU!

Friday, June 12, 2009

1986, the year my mother had the courage to leave my father and give us a better life....

I held on to her tight today and said goodbye.
As I held her I really felt overwhelmed with the love I feel outpouring for her. I thought about the fact that the goodbyes never get easier. I thought about today that each goodbye we say is closer to the last. I think about these things a lot because of my work. I thought about how much I love her. I gave thanks in that little moment that I am opening up and learning to love who she is and throw away the other garbage. I have a secret pile of tissues laying here at my feet under my desk. I squeeze out a few tears in between people come in and out of the office. We never get too old to need to feel our mother’s warmth. I miss her. It's hard living so far away, but I know with my heart this is right where I am suppose to be. Seeing her love and joy cover the children makes my soul rejoice. I secretly hope someday I will have the honor and opportunity of caring for my aged parents. I wish I could ease my mother’s pain. I feel sad to know she is tormented so much by the past. I am grateful for the clarity that has come into my life. I am grateful to have the ability to begin to help some of those things heal for her. She makes me happy, and sad, and mixed up sort of. Understanding her can be difficult. Understanding and coming to terms with all of this helps me to be more prepared to give unconditionally of myself to all those around me.

I want her to know everything is okay.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


678 Temperatures Taken
1 Hospital Stay
1 Night in the ER
4 Times trying to convice the drs not to admit him AGAIN
12 pokes with unfriendly needles
1 PICC Line
2 Chest X-Rays
8 Antibiotics
10 Co-Pays
3 CT Scans
21 Mom's Famous Grape Juice/Sprite Spritzers
3 Runs to Jamba Juice
2 Gallons of Chicken Noodle Soup
Countless Prayers
And Lots of Love from mom & dad
(largely in the form of letting him sleep with us).....
Our little Isaac is doing so much better and almost back to his energetic, happy self!
Blood work all came back normal, which means...
No Apparent Immune Deficiency,
Just 3 months of unexplained sickness.
But HEY, WHATEVER we'll take it!
I went to Provo Bakery today and purchased a box of random goodness to take home tonight and share with my bounty and cuddle and CELEBRATE the night away!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Once Upon Ethan's Potty.....

His mommy and daddy were trying to teach this strapping nearly 5 year old two very important lessons about going number 2......

1. It is not necessary to be in the buff in order to go poo!
2. You ARE old enough to wipe your own bum!
The Mister and I have been on a
"Wiping Ethan's Bum Strike"
for weeks now. Doesn't seem to keep him from asking though.
Last week, we were enjoying a nice dinner with my parents on the back patio when he disappeared. He resurfaced much later in the buff.
He stood on the back porch, bent over, spread em' and asked, "if there was anymore poo in his bummy?"
I was so proud!
Last night before bed he was doing the usual, "mom...Mom...MOM...MOM"
scream and I just ignored (knew what he wanted). After it was quiet for a few minutes I went in to check out the situation. Apparently he has taken desperate wiping measures...
and has enlisted his 2 year old sister to do the job!
Only problem is, she uses only one square of tp at a time!

P.S. This is one of my favorite potty training books, maybe I need to resort back to reading this to him!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hiking Arches National Park