Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just an Update

I thought I would take this time to update everyone on what is happening with us lately.
Isaac is loving preschool and can even write his name perfectly. I think we showed him four or five times how to do it before he got it. Kids pick up on things (good and bad) so fast. It is fun to watch his sense of independance grow. Isaac is such a big helper especially when it comes to his true love Abby. It is fun to pick him up from preschool and see how adored he is by the other kids and his teachers. We are proud to say that after four years we finally have him sleeping independently in his own bed with the occasional treat to fall asleep with me. Now we have to get Abby out of our bed! Ethan by far has grown up faster and more than anyone in the family. He is talking so much and surprising us each day with new thoughts and words. He lives for Super Mario and is excited to have a Mario Party when he turns 3 in a few months. Now that he is talking we are able to see this great imagination he has. One of my most favorite things about Ethan is that he loves to go to the store with me an help get groceries. He randomly will get his jacket and shoes and come to me and say, "mom, do you want to go to the store?" Abby is crawling and into everything now. She loves the trash cans and outlets so we have to watch her. She refuses to eat baby food which has presented us with a new challenge since she only has 2 teeth. We are all captivated by her beautiful smile and bright eyes!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pass the Jam

I thought these were cute photos of our little Jellyboy!

Visit to the Aquarium

We had such a fun time this past weekend at the Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake. They even have a pool where you can touch sting rays and star fish. In one of the photos you can even see on come to the top of the water for Justin to pet it. The boys had so much fun and loved the sharks as well.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun at the Aquarium 2

Here are a few more of our fun time.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Days

We finally got a break in the weather and the kids were thrilled to get outside and breathe some fresh air

When It ALL Falls!

We did have a happy girl but somewhere along the line we lost all control...sad but cute!


Here's our latest version of MTV Cribs.

Mommy & Abby

Someone Loves their mom! And I love her!

Happy Valentines Day 2007

Here are some photos of our Valentine Sweeties and their candelight dinner!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Our HAPPY Crawler

Look Who's About To Crawl!

Don't They Look Alike?

My boss has been trying to convince me for weeks that Isaac and Abby are twins. I have disagreed with her until I had Abby in the bath last night and I looked at her. She's all Isaac here. Here are some pictures to compare!