Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fun Times

We had some great weather over the weekend and the kids got the chance to play outside lots! You can see Miss Abby is pulling herself up all the time and standing independantly and even thinking of taking her first steps someday soon! The boys are into wrestling and giving one another a hard time constantly...that's what little boys are for, right?

Abby's First Time Swimming


Here are some photos of our SUPER NANNY Aubrey...We are hoping not to drive her too crazy and keep her around for the next 10 years! She started working for us in September and has been a HUGE blessing! We love Ya!

Our Disney Adventure

Okay, So I went a little crazy on the Califonia Pictures! They were all so good that I couldn't choose which ones to post, so I posted them all! We had a fun trip (for the most part) to Newport Beach and Disneyland with the kids last week. Abby unfortunatly was throwing up and sick most of the time we were there. we also had some challenges with cold temperatures and RAIN, but we tried to make the best of it. Thank goodness we brought our SUPER NANNY Aubrey. She kept us all sane and from killing one another. We did have a good time but realized that doing Disney even over a few days with so many little ones was a challenge! We may wait a few years before our next trip. Hope you enjoy our photos. This trip is a reminder to us that there's nothing better in the world than putting a smile on your child's face.

More California!


Our California Adventure

The kids had such a great time at the beach during our recent vacation to California!

At the Beach 2

Here are a few more of our fun California Adventure!