Friday, September 14, 2007


We are currently in the process of relocating to our new, beautiful, spacious home! We are all sad to leave this one but need room to spread our wings...ALL OF US. When the boys saw our new master closent the other night they said, "Woa, mom whose room is this?" I told them that this is where my clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry will live and now there's room for daddy to buy me more! Our numbers should remain the same and I will send out cards so that everyone has our new address. Let the unpacking begin...will take until Christmas at least. I am excited about all the "extras" this house has. There are even 2 drinking fountains (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) which the boys love!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

As the Hill House Turns

We have had quite a few dramatic twists and turns with the sale of our home. Long story short, the people who had put an offer in on the house and was proceeding to buy lost their financing. This was a bit of a shock to us considering we had taken our home off the market for about 30 days during the high sale season. After this happend, we were convinved by our agent to go back to the other couple who had previously put an offer in on the home and see if they were still interested on buying the home. They put an offer in 10k less than their original offer and there began a week of tough negotiation! The end is that the house is sold (I think :) and we move in 13 days! We are excited event though we had to take a little less than what we had hoped. This new house will be a dream home for us! Got any boxes???