Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where Has My Life (And Blogging) Gone?

Well, that's a very good question....It seems I've lost my mind and abilty to blog!  I can't think of a time ever that I went a whole month without posting something.  Then I come back and blogger has changed everything!  We did welcome a new Hill Cousin named Graham recently.  I think he's number 24 or 25!  He's sure a sweet little dude and I'm glad they live close so I can get a "baby fix" every now and again!

We've enjoyed a little outside "practice" camping to get ready for the real thing soon...

And, we've managed to practice, play and watch enough soccer to last a lifetime!
It was a fun season but the past 6-8 weeks have kind of been a blur.

And, as you can imagine life with these two is always interesting....
They are all done with the district school testing and they did great, little smarties!
So, we're off on a California Adventure soon (yes, even before school is out) to celebrate!