Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teach Me To Walk In The Light Of His Love

I love that as parents we have the divine calling and ability to teach our children to walk in the light. I know that as we teach our children, we learn ourselves and become better human beings in the process.
I find it difficult to believe that Isaac will turn 8 this week.
It's a big birthday that comes with great responsibility.
We've been talking a lot lately about his upcoming baptism and what that means. I feel such peace and excitement for him. He has such an special soul, it's sometimes impossible for me to fully wrap my mind around it. On Sunday night we were on our way out to Justin's brothers for Sunday night dinner when Isaac asked,"Mom and dad, do adults lie and do bad things?" I answered by telling him that yes indeed big people do make mistakes.
Then we spoke a bit about repentance to which he replied in a very serious manner,"My Sunday school teacher says that nothing unclean or sinful can dwell with Heavenly Father and I'm not sure if I will make it." Then we spoke about the gift of the atonement and the sacrifices that Jesus made for us. On a lighter note, later in the evening Uncle Derrin was "practice baptising" Isaac and he informed him that the more sins he had committed the longer he would have to stay under the water.Isaac said, "Then you're going to have to keep me under there for at least 2 hours." We all had a good laugh about that thought.
Oh man I love him.


Jaime said...

Yay for Isaac! Chandler is anxiously counting down to his too'

Jason and Amy said...

tears are RUNNING down my cheeks!!!!

JENNE said...

Guess I know what my next lesson will be on - How we get to be with Heavenly Father. Thank you for Isaac for the idea I needed one. See I told you he was getting it.

How Sweet it is! said...

Isaac is seriously the sweetest boy ever. HIs sweet testimony brought tears to my eyes, and he touched my heart!