Saturday, January 31, 2009

Funny Hill Kid Quote #6

This is a second hand share....Justin was laying with Abby today trying to get her down for a much needed nap. She began to pick at her nose and then proceeded to pull out a big bogey. She then looked at her dad and said, "Look daddy, it's a snake." The best part is that she was really just trying to make him laugh. Gotta love 2 year old humor!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny Hill Kid Quote #5

I have to start this post out by saying YEAH LOST! We are thrilled the time has come for Season 5. Isaac is addicted just as much as we are! Well, we were snuggling in our room the other night watching Lost. I was cozy in between Justin and Isaac. Isaac was extra cuddly and look at me and said, "Mom, I sure am getting romantic in my older age." Of course Justin and I both busted up laughing. He is such a sweet and tender soul. I then asked him what he thought it meant to be "romantic". His reply was, "well mom you know, it's when you're all slow and nice and stuff." This kid is way tooooo much like his father. I then told him that he's only allowed to be romantic with me. Watch out girlllllzzzzz! Muah!

2009 Goal #3

I am working hard on that being a kid again thing and making more time just playing with my sweet babies. We are in the middle of a re-model at work and I have been saving big boxes from all the new furniture we have received. The kids and I had so much fun making this awesome fort while dad watched the playoffs. We have been adding windows and painting ever since then. Come on over and check it out for Superbowl Sunday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here is a photo of Isaac with his teacher Mrs. Headman. I strongly encouraged him to participate in the reflections program this year. He was frustrated with me and did so with a bit of irritation. He made a really awesome picture and called it, "The Dragon's Castle". I explained to him that everyone should make some kind of contribution. He was the only child in all the Kindergarten classes who submitted anything. As a reward, he got to have ice cream with the principal and came home that day so excited and so willing to thank me for encouraging him. In addition, he got to go up in front of his school and accept an award. Way to go Isaac!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

This girl is a REAL LIFESAVER.....

For those of you who always ask me how I do it the REAL me! Her name is Aubrey and she is our super nanny of nearly three years now. I love everything about her, really! She is not only a best friend to me but somehow manages to keep our crazy household in order on a daily basis. Our kids adore her. Abby often will ask for her every weekend. I have learned that this is such a great thing. That is, if I choose to work, that they have someone who loves and cherishes them to watch over them in the absence of Justin and I. I can't tell you the countless times that I have gone to the dishwasher or laundry room late at night to find that what I am going to do is already done. Most of all, I have gained a best friend for life. She sees the daily chaos we live in and all my shortcomings and loves us despite those things. I look forward to the days when she has a family of her own because I will be right there backing her up. Love you Miss Aub!

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Sillys In The Tub

Our sweet neighbors got the kids these great big lollipops and they had fun with them. Can anyone say....SUGAR HIGH!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Movie

If you are an independent film nerd like sure not to miss SLUMDOG was totally worth watching. It made me happy :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)and sad at times, but mostly HAPPY....

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well, thanks to our Yoga Masters compassion and skill, I am going to soon be well on my way to accomplishing goal #5.....she showed me the proper way to get into the headstand yoga position at class this morning. I went home immediately and tried to show Jus and the kids but was to fatigued from class to get the job done. Then Justin had fun showing me the proper military way to stand on your head...who knew???? Thanks Jen for all you do and for your willingness to share with all the yoga illiterates in our ward. I have a feeling I will be standing on my head a lot more in 2009!

Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 Goals

I know it is a bit late, but I have been reflecting on what exactly I want to accomplish this year. I guess I figured if I profess them to all of you, I will actually have to put my goals into action...... So here it goes.....

1. To try less to be critical of people and situations and just try more to UNDERSTAND and just LOVE.....even if I am not being LOVED
2. Make time for QUIET and learn to enjoy QUIET....I am always so busy, when I am not busy I am trying to find things that will make me busy
3. Be a kid again (with my own kids) play house, chase, build forts and just have fun more often
4. Make sure that my sweet husband knows and feels each day how much I love and appreciate him
5. Be able to get through a yoga session without falling on my face (those of you who are in our class and reading this are laughing silently I know.......
Number 5 should have been more like....I want to gain mad yoga skills and stand on my head like Dana, Becky and Jen can!
6. Be more organized and put things in their spot the first time.....I just spent a week cleaning out drawers, closents, bags, cars, offices ect. and realized how much easier things would be if I would follow my husband's example of tidiness

THAT'S IT.....I expect all of you to call me down when I am doing something that is not congruent with these goals!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're Buried in Snow!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. There has been so much snow here, in fact more than I have ever seen in my nine years living in Utah. We have had a great time playing in the white stuff as well as snuggling in our cozy home together and drinking lots of cocoa. We have also been enjoying the company of Justin's brother Shaun and his family who have just moved back from the East Coast. The kids are thrilled to be reunited with their long lost cousins Gabe, Victoria and Lydia. Isaac returned back to school this week and Ethan will start at a new preschool at Hillcrest this next week. He is excited to get to go to "big boy" school with brother and to ride the bus. Justin and I are certain this will be an exciting new endeavor for him and push him academically. Abby is just doing her thing, being the diva of the house. Her cousin Tori has introduced her to "My Little Ponys" and she has been having fun playing with all her new Christmas toys. Dora is still her favorite. Justin and I have had the chance to go on lots of dates lately and see some good films. We hope to get out on the slopes soon and possible to a screening or two at Sundance. Hope you all are keeping cozy and warm in this winter weather!