Sunday, February 7, 2010

After Weeks of Disagreement....

The deal was sealed....
These sweet boys agree that they need one another, especially at bed time.
It happened just last tonight actually.
Ethan fell asleep in my bed.
When I carried him to his room he said in his blissful slumber,
"Mom, make sure Isaac sleeps with me. He always sleeps with me. Make sure that he is on the inside."
Isaac is especially needy and lonely at bedtime. Kind of funny considering that he is older.
Ethan has secretly enjoyed the control he has over his own bed.
For the first time ever he REALLY has something Isaac wants and he knows it.
It feels good for him to be able to exercise independence.
I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Ethan.
Isaac was only 8 months old.
I was scared and somewhat unhappy about my pregnancy sentence so soon from Isaac's birth.
I look back now and am so grateful for the timing.
Grateful my boys have one another. Grateful they give something to one another that
no one else can.
Grateful for Ethan and what he adds to our family....but, more about that a little later.


Somerset said...

So sweet!

Jason and Amy said...

I hear ya sister!!! I could just kiss those cheecks.