Monday, October 12, 2009

Less Than Perfect.....

That is how I would describe my feet at the moment.
I went to see the podiatrist for what I thought would be pretty straight forward double bunionectomy......WRONG
My right foot will be operated on at the first part of November and be casted for about 4 weeks. No biggie, after the first few days I will even be able to bear weight on it. He's going to remove the bunion and adjust one of the bones in that foot slightly.
My left foot, on the other hand is a complete train wreck!
Bones 8-12 are turned the wrong direction, which explains the unceasing pain for the past 11+ years!
They are going to have to go in (end of December), remove the bunion and then do something to turn the bones. Failing to do this will result in hobbit feet :)
I will not be able to bear weight on it AT ALL for 4-6 weeks.
At the moment, I can't sit still for 4-6 minutes...It will be my very own version of HELL.....
Good thing I work in a retirement community and it will be completely acceptable for me to come to work and ride around in a little jazzy. LOL!
All I can say, is I better get a pair of dang sexy shoes after all of this!
Marathon...HERE I COME!


Rach said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea this would be so serious!! You should hire someone to carry you around Jamestown.